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    Hi everyone!

    I feel like it would be beneficial to start out saying, I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to writing a blog.  I’m just going for it and I’ll learn along the way.

    So, anyway, my name is Adam and I’m a therapist with Life Recovery Consulting and supervised by Robert Cox.  I wasn’t always a therapist.  I actually started as an Electrical Engineer.  Somewhere along the way I realized that the engineering world and making products just wasn’t all that satisfying to me and I needed to do something else.  It took some effort to figure out what that something else was.  I enjoy helping people and I enjoy being the support that others need to achieve big goals.  I think I can be that kind of person as a therapist.

    The name of the organization I work for “Life Recovery” and the tag line “Live Abundantly”, both capture things that I’m interested in.  Maybe you’re living with this sense that the life you were supposed to live has been taken from you and you want to get it back.  Through depression, or illness, or confusing life changes, or even traumatic events, you were deflected off the path that works for you and you’re trying to find your way back.  I’d love to help you do that.  Or maybe you think there’s just more you could be doing.  I’ve walked that path and made drastic changes to get into the life I want to be living, you can too.  I want to help you do that.  Or maybe you don’t even know where to begin, you just know something is off.  I’d like to create space for you to start figuring out what needs to come next.

    My approach to therapy starts with the belief that who you are, right now, is all that’s needed.  I follow a Person Centered approach that believes a lot of our problems comes from the external world telling us who we’re supposed to be and not accepting us for who we are.  When this goes on long enough, we can get confused over what’s important and pursue goals that aren’t really our own.  I try to have no expectations of who you’re supposed to be and let you inform me about who you are.  As I reflect on and ask questions about what you tell me, hopefully we can find where you got covered up by the expectations of the world around you.

    A second approach that I use is called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, also known as ACT.  This therapy type is all about getting us to accept the world as it is, accept ourselves as we are, and then commit to action that aligns with our values.  This kind of therapy uses a lot of mindfulness and awareness techniques to help us see the difference between what is really happening and what we believe is happening.

    Both of these approaches avoid the idea of “what’s wrong with you” and try to focus on “what’s happening with you”.  I believe that if we can be in touch with what is happening we can find the ability to act in the ways we want, regardless of how the world is.

    Hope you find this helpful and maybe I’ll see you some time.

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