• Coping With Triggers and Cravings

    In this episode we look at cravings and triggers. Feel free to download the file about how drugs actually hijack the brain and the craving mechanisms that occur from Harvard Medical school from my website as an additional informational resource. Often addiction and cravings can come on quickly and be rooted in trauma. We also look at the intensity of cravings and try to educate families and loved ones about how this feels for the addict and the amount of courage it can take to resist. Then we work on a mindfulness technique that is effective in trying to resist the cravings and simply sit with them knowing we can get through. This exercise is also designed to help the addict begin to deal with themselves from a perspective of caring and compassion instead of criticism and feelings of failure.

    Read more at http://mindfulrecoverypodcast.libsyn.com/2016/02#BP86rb5hy1HTqegZ.99

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