• Adolescents and Addiction

    This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Nazanin Moali who is a practitioner in the LA area specializing in the treatment of adolescent addictions, especially eating disorders.  Her approach is to integrate the family in supporting and motivating the individual and I found her informative and refreshing as I’m sure you will.  Her website is:  http://oasis2care.com/ .  Naz also produces a live internet show that is done in Farsi (her native tongue) and you can find that show here:  http://ch1.cc/ each week.  For times or questions contact Dr. Moali at  [email protected]

    Read more at http://mindfulrecoverypodcast.libsyn.com/page/2/size/25#oWLWb8p3aHxlBaLJ.99

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